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By submitting this purchase, you accept membership with U.N.N.A under the following terms and conditions:
•    All association fees are paid as donations to U.N.N.A and are non-refundable
•    All monies paid are made and accepted in good faith with no entitlement to special privileges or agreements therein
•    All members are entitled to all benefits listed on the site page including but not limited to:

  • New Member T-shirt

  • Monthly membership meetings, providing a platform for the community to have a voice on issues that affect us

  • Connection to our email list-receive direct emails on updates, information and opportunities as soon as we get notice

  • Membership card 

  • Members may vote at the monthly meetings if the membership is valid and in good standing as of the day before such meeting, when votes are applicable

  • Good Standing Membership-We measure good standing based on activity within UNNA.  All members must be active on at least (1) committee, be present at 75% (9) of the meetings held throughout the year and current membership fees

•    Member status is renewable according to the terms of the plan selected.  Members are required during the year to voluntarily track and remit subsequent payments where required (semi-annual, monthly plans)
•    Membership can be terminated at any time by the member; membership can also be terminated by the organization when the member ship is no longer in good standing 
•    Any person 18 years or older who resides in or is an owner of record of property or business within the specified boundaries is eligible for membership.

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