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The Zoning Process


  • Check our calendar for scheduled meetings, come out and vote!

  • Sign up as a volunteer to distribute meeting notices!  

How the community is involved...

Meetings With Zoning Permit Applicants:

-When designated to be the coordinating RCO, UNNA's RCO will ensure that all affected RCOs are notified of the scheduled public meeting

-UNNA's RCO will receive formal notification directly from Zoning Board about upcoming cases located within our boundaries that require approval

-When designated to be the coordinating RCO, UNNA's RCO will publicize meetings and ensure that members of the public are invited to attend and participate

-When designated to be the coordinating RCO, UNNA's RCO will document the results of the meetings held and  provide any necessary information to the Zoning Board for public Zoning Board hearings

-The documentation will include a brief summary of the major discussion points from the meeting and a written statement of the RCO's opposition, support, or lack of agreement on the project

-When designated to be the coordinating RCO, UNNA's RCO will impartially document what occurred during the public meeting, including whether a vote was taken and, if so, to state and describe the vote count

-If a meeting with the zoning applicant did not take place, UNNA's RCO will document a good faith effort to review the application at the RCO's next regularly-scheduled meeting, or establish an alternative meeting date within 30 days of the permit application or appeal filing date, as applicable

-UNNA's RCO will send copies of the documentation to the zoning applicant, the Planning Commission, District Councilperson, and the Zoning Board

-Where there are multiple overlapping RCOs for a given project, any affected RCO not-assigned the role of Coordinating RCO has a right to consult on the scheduling of the public meeting and to participate in that meeting

-Any RCO or member of the public has a right to send a letter or give testimony at a ZBA hearing, regardless of whether it is assigned the role of Coordinating RCO



If You Are a Zoning Applicant:

The Planning Commission will provide the applicant with the contact information of all parties they are required to notify as follows:

  • Each affected RCO including the “Coordinating RCO.” The Coordinating RCO, which is selected after consultation with the District Council office, is responsible for scheduling and convening the public meeting regarding the Applicant’s proposal;

  • Each property that the applicant must notify via regular mail or hand delivery. These properties are within 250 ft. of the subject property (see Property Notification diagram);

  • The office of the District Councilmember;

  • The Planning Commission

  • The Zoning Board

  • The applicant must send written notice to all of the above within 10 days of receiving the contact information from the Planning Commission. By law, this notice must include certain contact information, details about the zoning proposal, and information about the public meeting.

In preparation for the UNNA's RCO meeting, the applicant must:

  •  Make sure to notify the addressees provided. 

  •  Email a copy of your notification to explaining how the  neighbors were notified (via mail or flyers) 

  •  Bring any renderings/designs to the meeting 

  •  Be prepared to discuss property management issues (emergency contacts, trash collection, parking, rental criteria, marketing plan)


Read below for results from zoning cases held during our monthly community meetings.  All cases are presented before the community by the applicant or attorney representative, a discussion is facilitated and vote is taken.


We have archived all 2021 results to preserve space.  We will be adding new entries as we host upcoming cases in 2022


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